China Sourcing Fair: Solar & Energy Saving Products

Address: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong
Date: April 20th—23th 2012
Booth No: 11P07

LED Road Light

Input Voltage:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Light Source:112×1W high power LED

LED Spotlight

Power:1×3W 3×1W 4×1W 5×1W
             7×1W 9×1W 12×1W

LED Ceiling Light

Input Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power:1×3W 3×1W 5×1W 7×1W
             9×1W 12×1W

LED Panel Light

Input Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

LED Light Bar

Input Voltage:12V/24V

LED Light Strip

Input Voltage:12V/24V

LED Mining Light

Input Voltage:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Light Source:30W COB(High brightness)
       Partner with us to take advantage of the benefits Of sourcing from a preferred LED lighting supplier to buyers in over 100 countries. Choose from our Extensive selection of 500 models of LED tubes,LED Spotlights, LED Ceiling lamps, LED strips,LED bulbs and multimedia display systems.
       We update our catalog With five new designs each month. And for Hassle-free distribution worldwide, all of our Lighting products endure over 20 QC tests and More than 48 hours of age testing to maintain The performance levels you’ve come to expect .Furthermore, all of our items bear CE, FCC and RoHS marks......
  • 5×1W
    LED Bulb
    5×1W E27 LED Bulb
    Beam Angle:150°
  • 5×1W
    LED Ceiling Light
    5×1W LED Ceiling light
    Beam Angle:35°
  • SMD(5050)
    LED light strip
    Power: 3.2W
  • 24W
    LED Wall light
    24W RGB wash wall light
    lightsource: 24×1W Power type LED
  • 7×1W
    LED Spotlight
    7×1W LED Spotlight
    Part NO. : JH-SL7x1WWE27-01
    Beam Angle:35°
  • 4×1W
    LED Spotlight
    4×1W LED Spotlight
    Part NO. : JH-SL4x1WWGU10-01
    Beam Angle:35°
  • 4×1W
    LED Spotlight
    4×1W LED Spotlight
    Part NO. : JH-SL4x1WWE27-01
    Beam Angle:35°
  • 3×1W
    LED Spotlight
    3×1W LED Spotlight
    Part NO. : JH-SL3x1WWMR16-02
    Beam Angle:35°
About LED Lighting


When we use traditional Incandescent Lamp, most of energy have been transformed to heat energy not Light which caused a big lost for energy. Comparing with Traditional Bulb, LED have much higher lighting efficiency, and can saving power for you also for the world.


With the swift development of human civilization and technology, it will be never to neglect the problem of environmental pollution and ecological Imbalance. Therefore, people begin to develop the Low Carbon Economy, which has became a new task for many countries to reform their energy structure. LED, with its environment-friendly and good energy efficiency, is remolding the world’s energy structure. Replacing the traditional lights, it will bring us to a new lighting age.


Life time for led, 50,000-80,000 hours, good cost performance come with Incandescent bulbs.

Long Lifetime

No broken for led metal or Expansion of light tubes, Very durable. If it happen to fall or improper handling, No any damage for led bulbs.

LED is most environmental protection of light sources..

First, have no harmful material use of LED. All of our products match RoHS standard.
Second, use of LED can solves part of energy crisis what we all face. With less of LED power and produce less of heat . You will suddenly find that LED wildly use in home or the building .
Last ,Led has long life span,you will get away from to handle an incandescent lamp to steep about 50 and 5 mercuries pollution, finally rescue our environments.


LED Lighting Fixtures for You
LED panel lights
It is kind of new energy-saving and green products. Having high brightness LED light source. Quickly start and the light is natural and soft. Special circuit design; Ultra-thin design, only 12 mm ,good appearance;
According to the specification and sizes: 300x300mm 300x600mm 300x1200mm 600x600mm 600x1200mm led panel light for choice; According to the power: 15W / 18w / 24W / 26W / 30W / 40 w / 60W / 70w high power led Panel light are available; According to SMD LEDs classification: 3528 led panel light / 3535 led light panel / 5630 led light panel for option.

LED Tube light

We can provide different length of LED tube : 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.4m
LED tube light 6W / 12W / 18W / 24W / 30W / 36W for option
High Power LED Spotlight
We have put these LED spotlights into mass production: XRE series and XP series. The socket bases of E27 LED Spotlight, GU10 LED Spot light, MR16 LED Spot light are available. 1X3W, 3X1W and 3X2W are offered for high power led spotlight.

LED Bulbs

In our quantity production of LED Bulbs, the types of LED Bulbs Base can be E27, B22, E14, and there are respectively 1W led bulb , 3W led bulb , 5W led bulb , 6W led bulb light and 9W led par30 bulb, 12W led par38 lamp, high power led bulbs for choosing.

Flexible LED Strips

According to LED lighting source, flexible LED stripes include SMD 3528 LED stripe lights; SMD 5050 LED strip lights; DIP LED strip lights According to the IP ratio, flexible LED strips include Waterproof led stripes and non-waterproof led strips This product is very flexible in using field. It can be sticked any corner or surface of the objects, very convenient. The flexible led strip light is a kind of low-voltage product, 12V LED stripe and 24V LED strip are available, which can be widely used over the world and it is a good background decorative light products.

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